A New Season & Your Dreams

I had a dream last night. In the dream, there was a dog hanging on a noose – dead. And it was not just any dog. It was one of our beloved family pets named Addie. I was shocked. As I scurried around to find my husband and tell him of our tragedy, I noticed that everyone was circling Addie, no one noticing what had happened, just living their lives, business as usual. This is a repetitive theme in my dream life. There is a tragedy happening, an abuse taking place around a group of people, and I am the only one noticing.

This is an interesting and rich dream. One that has gifts for me.

Here is a simple approach that I utilize to mine my nighttime dreams for special messages and guidance for living my lifetime dreams.

First of all, my belief system around dreams is important. I believe dreams, whatever they are, however disturbing they might be, come to us for our health, well-being, and our highest good. This encourages me to explore all my dreams, nightmares included, and to find the gifts therein.

Secondly, knowing that Divine Source comes to me in a variety of forms and ways, I pay attention to dreams, embracing them as spiritual guidance, and sometimes comfort, for my waking life. My dreams offer counsel for me in my commitment to be of service to myself and others. This means I write down my dreams the moment I awake. I scribble whatever I remember down on paper, which is next to my bed, and I write any pictures, feelings, thoughts, impressions, and symbols down on paper. I pay special attention to any repetitive themes that are familiar to me in my dream life.

Third, I pray and ask for guidance in interpreting my dreams for my highest good, and therefore, the highest good of all. How can this dream, and the messages within, guide me in being of service to myself and the world? How does it provide ease for whatever challenges are before me?

I will look up in my dream encyclopedia (the internet is a great resource for this if you don’t have on in your personal library) the meaning of particular symbols from my dream. For example, a dog symbolizes intuition, loyalty, and companionship. This is meaningful and pertinent for me in my life right now, especially seeing that the dog was dead.

Then, I spend time in quiet reflection, maybe journaling, and receive the gifts that my soul intuition is offering me in my life. Genders are significant. Animals are significant. Our closest friends and family in our dreams are significant.

What is being mirrored to me about my life? How do I receive this as a gift of support, guidance, and encouragement?

     Last but not least, we are the interpreter of our dream’s meaning. Occasionally, I seek counsel on the meaning of my dreams from others who are professionals, or dream experts. Asking for help and seeking assistance is a good practice in life. In the end, however, we are the ones whose intuition and soul are seeking to offer us direction, guidance, and comfort along our path. We are the only ones who know when an interpretation resonates within. Dream interpretation is an opportunity for us to develop trust with our own intuition.

Remember, our nighttime dreams come to us in service of our lifetime dreams. Blessings to you and most of all, sweet dreams.

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