Ancestral Work

Experiencing early loss in my life left me a seeker. A seeker of spiritual meaning, a seeker to fill the emptiness and pain inside, a seeker of a fully expressed life.

It wasn’t until I began to embrace the challenges of my own addictions and addictive patterns in relationships, that I started to see the ancestral patterns from my lineage; some I developed to medicate pain and some passed down through the generations.

Many native cultures believe that when we do our healing work, we heal SEVEN GENERATIONS FORWARD AND SEVEN GENERATIONS BACK and I found as I did my own healing and recovery work, the connections with my ancestors, both on the physical plane and the spiritual plane deepened and expanded. Coming from an Italian heritage, there is such richness and when my ancestors started to come to me in my prayer and meditation practice, I experienced freedom, joy and inspiration in ways I had not experienced previously. It is, in my opinion, miraculous.

Our greatest pain comes from our wounds in our lineage. Our greatest gifts come from this pain when it is embraced, honored and released.

Weaving Your Ancestral Tapestry gives you permission and guidance to be witnessed in your own story, find the gifts from the pain and take from your unique ancestral heritage the virtues that are your inheritance.