Relationships from Addiction to AuthenticityOur purpose in writing this book and our desire and intention for everyone who reads it is that they be empowered to create in their lives authentic relationships.

The journey of co-authoring this book has been a significant part of my own recovery from co-sex addiction. Trying to fill the emptiness of father loss or any unresolved trauma with a romantic relationship does not work. In embracing my own grief, finding a spiritual solution and seeking support for my addictive behaviors, I found my honest self expression, the pathway for intimate relationships and Sacred spiritual connection.

We honor the feminine voice which very loudly declares that we will not longer carry nor enable the shame of our offenders, nor will we be victims in our own lives. We do this by first learning self honesty, boundaries, self love and self respect and then we share what we have learned with others.

For those who want to understand co-sex addiction, find their own pathway to empowerment and receive inspiration from the honest stories of women who have gone before you, this is the book for you.

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Daily Sacred Feminine Meditations that Awaken one to Their Divine Purpose
Inspired by Mary Magdalene

Blessings from Mary 149x224This book is a meditation and spiritual guidebook for anyone interested in connecting with their Divine Purpose and Destiny as well as embracing and honoring Sacred Feminine Principles. It is inspired by my connection with Mary Magdalene, who I believe, has a voice and energy that is awakening many all over the world. It is part of the reemergence of our Feminine Power and voice of love, strength and fierce commitment to life.

In my daily journaling, my spirit guides began to emerge very organically with Mary Magdalene the most prominent. I did not know that my own writing would become a book and my own journaling was raw and real. Through the honesty, I connected with my own spirit guides and soul partners.

The four step prayer and meditation practice within the book and daily meditations offered me ancestral healing, wisdom and practical tools for living life.These resources are now available to all.

With great humility, joy and gratitude, I offer this book to you as a guide for healing unresolved wounds you carry through connecting more fully with your unique Spirit Guides and Soul Partners. They wait to comfort, bless and serve you.


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