Dream and bring your muse with you…..

    Running Down a Dream, Your Roadmap to Winning Creative Battles, isn’t a typical self-help, inspiring pep talk narrative about how to make your creative dreams into reality through persistence, hard work, and finding the motivation to reach the finish line. Well, it is that, but surprisingly, it’s much more. It’s a love story. Love of self, love of our dreams, and the love of Divine feminine wisdom that comes through our sacred muses.

  Tim Grahl’s memoir had me in the first paragraph with lyrics from the Tom Petty song, “Running Down a Dream.” Who doesn’t like Tom Petty? I Won’t Back Down is another favorite tune that I play when boundaries are required and I need to access strength and courage. Plus, Tom is gone now, so there is a deeper appreciation for his musical and storytelling contributions. His artistry lives on. He did a fine job of running down his dream.

    Then, in the climax of the book, just when my curiosity was at a peak, Tim’s vulnerable, honest acknowledgment of his most significant personal discovery got me again. To hear his journey into self-awareness was gratifying, not just for myself since I am a seeker and self-awareness is my gratification, but for all those who seek and desire to bring a dream, an artistic creation, or a vision into reality. We are not alone. Dreamers, writers, and artists of all genres will hit walls, confront internal and external obstacles, and consider quitting the sometimes-grueling voyage of artistic self-expression. The effort of manifesting our deepest dreams requires us to show up, to come face to face with what is stopping us and then one obstacle at a time, to choose forward motion. Anything of great value requires great effort.

    Filled to the brim with satisfaction, I read on. Then, in the acknowledgments, the author added the big, fat, juicy, all natural (no more red dye #9 for me) cherry on top of this unforgettable memoir. Spoiler alert! Tim Grahl acknowledges his wife by saying,

    “Candice, you are the real hero of this story.”

    I love a man who understands, respects, and embraces the power of a woman’s wisdom. It is the mature, and dare I say, the rare man who kneels before the woman in his life with the heartfelt appreciation for her significant, often behind the scenes, contributions. She is the muse, protector of his soul’s art, goddess of loving accountability and care. Tim’s generous recognition of who Candice is for him speaks to his coming of age — as an artist, as a partner, and as a man.

    Tim got me big at the end.

    My tiny, itty bitty, but still noteworthily complaint about his acknowledgment is that he referred to her as a hero. She is a heroine. This feminine path has additional challenges, and our language is the beginning of our consistency in both distinguishing the journey of a hero and heroine and honoring the feminine path fully.

    Bravo, Tim, for a race well run, for a race well won and for your love and honor of the muse.

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