I love offering E-courses to clients all over the world. This is an opportunity to be witnessed, supported and guided in a variety of interest areas related to personal growth, shadow work, emotional and spiritual intelligence, holistic health, conscious parenting, developing intimacy through conflict and more. This happens in a confidential, sacred communication when it is most convenient for you. It is a unique self-paced environment created with your desired outcomes and intentions.

Available E-Courses

Writing E-Course
Let Me Help You Write E-Course is for writers who want to, once and for all , write your stories, your wisdom & your experiences down. When you finally take pen to paper, or hands to keyboard, the muse arrives to inspire. (This is also a great course for anyone who wants to begin the spiritual practice of journaling.)

This 5 week Writing E-Course will allow you to:
*Honor your deeply held desire to write.
*Take time, take action, take space for your expression.
*Connect spiritually with yourself & your muse.
*Learn specific techniques for your practice of writing.
*Hear tips & secrets from the best writers.
*Begin that journaling practice just for you.
*Find a way for your creative expression.
*Start, once and for all & see what is next for you with your writing.

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Cost $198.


Ancestral Weaving™
Ancestral Weaving™ and Shadow Work® is a practice that allows us to explore any issue, shadow or life experience from the perspective of each the four archetypes, individually or within our ancestral lineage. When doing so in a ritual container, we welcome a higher perspective, release feelings & beliefs that no longer serve us and receive clarity for our lives. Tools will be introduced from each archetype to enhance communication, deepen intimacy, and assist manifest our dreams. We heal ourselves first and then bring our gifts of healing to others.

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Grieving, Growth and Gratitude®
An eight week interactive ecourse which allows the participant to be witnessed in telling their story. The focus may be on a specific loss that lingers, perhaps not fully grieved, or it may be to have an objective perspective from someone who can accompany the participant on the journey through their unique story. The intention is to come to a place of acceptance and gratitude for the experiences and find the wisdom and gifts within the participant’s own story.


Principles of Sacred Feminine Spirituality
Integrate nine principles of sacred feminine spirituality into your life during this Ecourse. These 9 principles are found in the book, Blessings From Mary, which is inspired by Mary Magdalene and offers principles to honor the Sacred Feminine energy that is emerging all over the world. In this eight week course, we will cover each principle and learn took and practices from the principles to integrate into your life.


Developing relationships that are authentic, honest and mutually supportive requires mentoring and learning new ways of relating. In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn what your values are, how to care for yourself and your desires, as well as use your own emotional and spiritual intelligence to guide you. In addition, wisdom around boundaries and Clean Talk communication tools will be made available and practiced. Communication of your own wants, boundaries and vulnerabilities is key to developing authentic relationship connections.


Shadow Work® Archetypes

In this course, you will explore the four archetypes we use in Shadow Work® and learn practices and tools from each to integrate in your life. In being witnessed with practice, there is coaching for maximizing the effectiveness of these tools as well as anchoring the practices and behaviors that keep you on your own path of personal, relational and spiritual evolution.


For additional topics of Ecourses (Emotionally Intelligent Parenting,
Conflict; An Initiation into Intimacy; etc.,) contact Sally at 713-906-9808
or email her at sally@blessingsfrommary.com.