Getting Unstuck

     “I love writing. It’s getting started that I hate.” I like this quote paraphrased by Gary Provost, not only because I relate, but because writing is my creative love in life and I want to be in flow with it.

Steven Pressfield suggests that whatever we are most passionate about, we resist the most. Resistance is the enemy of the artist, of the professional. When I feel particularly stuck, I re-listen to Pressfield’s book on tape, The War of Art. I’m both comforted and inspired. Soon, I get back to my art. This may include typing it out on the computer, actually analyzing a scene, character, or the narrative arc of an essay currently in the works, or using one of my favorite pens and writing in my journal. As long as my hours in any of those three categories add up to 25-30 a week, I am showing up – honoring my creative passions – and following the guidance of my Divine Source. That’s a foundational action that keeps me in my integrity.

The challenge for me has been where to put my energy, what story to edit or write, and being a creative person means that I have ideas flowing in and out on a regular basis. Strategizing, seeing clarity in confusion, and juggling the many projects, books, and stories that my muse whispers to me on a daily basis is challenging. I can track like my Uncle Pete who was one of the best trappers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but choosing a specific area to focus my energy and then sticking with the plan through completion, often seems beyond my grasp. It feels like actually choosing one way or one path, staying focused on it, or maybe just choosing, in general, is dangerous. Keep your options open & don’t put all your eggs in one basket rings in my ears. I like having options. And I like being able to choose my own options. Still, without focused effort over time, bringing a project or plan to completion with depth is near impossible.

As a Shadow Work® facilitator and coach, I have a unique perspective. When seeking understanding, or movement when I feel stuck, I connect with the four archetypes that we work within Shadow Work®: Lover, Warrior, Magician, and Sovereign. Choosing is a function of the Magician archetype and taking actions is the function of our Warrior self. When these energies are not activated or I feel stuck, tapping into the tools from one of the archetypes will make the difference.

When we explore our lives, our work, our relationships from the perspective of these four archetypal energies for understanding, movement, empowerment, or connection, we will get unstuck and we will find our way.

Here are four steps on your journey to balance your internal archetypal energies for living and expressing our passions in the world:

  1. Become aware of the practices, tools, and benefits of the four archetypal energies. Deep breathing, detachment, good boundaries, and visioning are examples of practices from each archetype, any of which may be the key to getting unstuck.
  2. Be honest and acknowledge where the archetypes are lacking in your life and where wounding has occurred. Be brave.
  3. Take responsibility for your life. Ask for help on how to heal and activate the powers that may be in shadow within you.
  4. Integrate the practices you learn in your life on a daily basis. It is a spiritual practice that requires attention – one day at a time.

If you are interested in learning more about the archetypes, writing, or finding your creative expression, contact me, visit for global resources, and allow yourself to transform as you access knowledge, experience, and training.

Blessings and love,


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