Grief, Growth & Gratitude®

Trauma Transformation®

This is a Grieving, Growth and Gratitude® support circle in which we will deepen our
emotional and spiritual intelligence by walking through our grief, sharing our stories
and releasing the beliefs that no longer serve us. In being witnessed by others with love
and care, we transform our losses to joy and experience gratitude for all of who we are,
learning good boundaries, self-love and the ability to connect authentically in our lives.

In this eight week gathering, you will:

  • Develop a journaling practice and/or deepen your own
  • Have an opportunity to share your unique story and be witnessed with honor, care and honesty
  • Develop and understand emotional and spiritual intelligence and use it to create a life you desire
  • Receive Shadow Work® tools to take into your life for balance and full self expression
  • Embrace your own authenticity
  • Develop a deep understanding of shame and allow it to be transformed to humility, joy and self-love
  • Create, discover and refine your own spiritual practice
  • Learn communication tools that turn separation and conflict into an opportunity for intimacy and
  • Receive ongoing email support during duration of class

Joy lives concealed in grief. ~ Rumi

When: For seven Mondays
beginning April 25th to June
20th (not meeting on May 16th
or May 30th)

Where: Spectrum Center
at The Preserve
2060 North Loop West
Suite 205
Houston, TX 77018

Cost: $289 (early registration by
Apr. 10, 2016) $305.00 after.

This circle is limited in number.

Download PDF Flyer

Grieving, Growth & Gratitude

Grief Growth Gratitude Flyer - MAY 2016

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