Grieving, Growth, and Gratitude

Grieving_FlierHeaderGrieving, growth and gratitude work explores ways to deepen emotional and spiritual intelligence through embracing unresolved grief and trauma through safe, empowering and shame free practices. In this E-COURSE and/or Group format, a unique proprietary format is used to share our stories and release beliefs that no longer serve our highest good. In doing so, we grow through our grief and eventually in our gratitude we emerge with boundaries, clarity, passion and tools for connecting authentically.

In this Grieving, Growth and Gratitude Support circle, we will deepen our emotional and spiritual intelligence by walking through our grief, sharing our stores in a safe, shame-free container and release beliefs that no longer serve our highest good. While being witnessed by others with love and care, we transform our losses and experience gratitude for all of how we are the lessons learned.

We grow in self-love learning good boundaries and develop the ability to connect authentically with ourselves and others. Check for Fall 2014 schedule.


Sacred Shame

Sacred Shame is both a concept and ECourse that I developed to peak interest and encourage people to be still and explore what is most challenging within their lives. In this ECourse, we look at the gifts that shame has to offer us. We spend time hiding, repressing and denying our shadows and shame, using so much energy and fearing stillness and trust. In embracing our Sacred Shame, we give ourselves the freedom to explore these hidden caverns of joy, vitality and wisdom. Our shame often holds our greatest gifts.