Initiation Yourself to the Sovereign Within ~ Learn Your Shadow Type

So, here’s the thing. I teach this stuff. I facilitate processes where individuals and groups connect with their Sovereign self, the part of them that knows what they want, holds visions for their life, unconditionally blesses and supports others, carries passion, dreams for ourselves and our lives, and receives the unconditional support and blessing offered to them.

Still, I forget. I forget to pay attention to my own wants. I forget that I have. Aright to take actions in the direction of my dreams, visions, and passions in life. I forget to call upon the ancestors, spiritual resources, or human resources to make these desires a reality.

In our upcoming ½ day workshop, my husband, Alan and I, will offer you an opportunity to remember and re-engage with your dreams and how to make manifest those dreams.

Here is what we will explore together:

*Ancestral Weaving™ which calls upon the ancestors for support

*Connect with your wants & with speaking them aloud

*What interferes with your sovereign connection & manifesting your dreams

*Uses your Shadow Type to bring archetypal energies in balance

*Determine what supportive allies will assist you in bringing your ideas into reality

The Shadow Type Survey is included in this workshop and will offer you information about the strength of your traits & where you may wish to provide more attention.

Come join us. It takes courage to acknowledge, put energy into, and follow through with manifesting our dreams. Let yourself have the support you desire.

Blessings, Sally and Alan




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