Leadership Openness Results & Awareness (LORA)

Leadership Openness Results & Awareness (LORA)
~Leveraging Your Resistance ~
an online experiential workshop

What can I expect from the workshop?

  • Deepen your awareness
  • Embrace self-compassion
  • Reclaim your own agency
  • Gain 3 spiritual practices to integrate into your life
  • Embrace the archetypal energies that live within you
  • Secure options for transforming negative thoughts into desired actions
  • Understand the allure of familiarity & the necessity to step into the unknown
  • Develop a partnership with your inner protector & navigate risk-taking together
  • Aquire practices that allow you to transform negative thoughts into desired actions

More information or Register Here: www.lorabridges.com/events

This workshop offers insight, integrable, and replicable
practices to move through resistance, and experience
the wisdom & clarity present in your fear.

Join us!
Sunday, November 7, 1:30-4 PM
You will receive a zoom link after registering.

Download Flyer (PDF)

Leveraging Your Resistance (Flyer)

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