Sally Bartolameolli, Houston-based Spiritual Life Coach and Author

Houston-based Spiritual Life Coach and Author

Energy provides powerful insights into who someone is and what they have to offer, and I hope the energy and message here resonate with you. If you are curious, inspired and or even comforted by my story and approach, let’s connect and see what might be next.

A life coach for emotional and spiritual healing
I have confronted my own addictions and family of origin wounds. These painful patterns were recreated in my adult life and prevented me from experiencing intimacy and joy in my relationships with self, others and spirit.

As a recovering bulimic, overeater, cosex addict, money drunk, codependent, love, and romance addict, I understand the practices necessary for living an authentic, spiritual and emotional life. The key is to heal without medicating or avoiding the honest challenges that arise. Learning to love our imperfections is part of the journey as well. We need community, spiritual connection, and passionate self-love to honor our soul’s purpose and live fully expressed lives.

Because of my experiences, I understand the challenges and pain you’re facing, and I’m ready to help. Find out more about my journey.

Compassionate coaching and support
I invite you to explore my books, e-courses, Shadow Work® workshops, JourneyDance™, Transformational Coaching options and much more. Learn about my resources for healing.

Also, please take advantage of the complimentary downloads which explore a variety of topics including Conflict as an Initiation Into Intimacy, Communication Tools, Four-Step Prayer, and Meditation Practices, Exploring the Four Archetypes of ShadowWork®, What is Sacred Feminine Spirituality and more.

Blessings to you on your journey,