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Shadow Types Survey
Discover your shadow types through the archetypes. Survey alone $79.

Shadow Types Survey + Coaching Session
Special price of $179 for a 55 minute session. You will receive a practice from each archetype (4) to bring balance to these energies within you.


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Shadow Work® and Transformational Coaching
in Houston and Beyond

When we work together, whether one-to-one in my Houston office or by phone or Skype, we begin with the question, “What would you like to have happen?”

Establishing a foundation of intention at the beginning sets the foundation for my transformational coaching. Then I can provide guidance, tools and practices for you to integrate into your life. By understanding where you’ve been and where you want to go, I’ll help you become aware of painful unconscious or conscious dynamics and patterns that no longer serve you.

With my support and guidance, you will practice new behaviors, uncover and release old beliefs and create energetic momentum to build a life of self-care, inspiration and authentic connection in spirit, body and heart. This helps you to create your Ancestral Tapestry of inspiration, joy and miracles.

Individualized Shadow Work®, Shadow Types® & Coaching Sessions

As a certified Shadow Work® and Shadow Types® Coach, I am also able to focus our work specifically on learning about the four archetypes we work within. Shadow Work® uses the survey to establish your own strengths, gifts and discover which energies might be in shadow. In this format, there is extensive awareness offered for the specific tools, practices and skills within each archetypal energy. There is also assistance in developing aptitude and artistry when a particular archetype is in shadow.

As a Transformational and Shadow Work Coach, I am able to assist you in developing awareness around addictive patterns and painful dynamics that keep you from experiencing authentic intimacy in your life. With awareness comes choice. Embracing grief and honoring our ancestral connections brings growth and gratitude. Our choices expand and our full expression and divine purpose emerge.

Start your transformation now
There are several options for our working together: one-to-one office visits, Skype and phone, as well as E-courses you can complete in your own time, with my intuitive guidance and mentoring for new skill development.

Individualized SKYPE sessions

These sessions scheduled and placed on the calendar at time of payment.
1) One 55 minutes SKYPE session is $125.00
2) Three 55 minute SKYPE sessions are $350.00
3) Six 55 minute SKYPE sessions are $625.00

Skype 55 minutes sessions


Individualized Phone sessions

These sessions scheduled and placed on the calendar at time of payment.
1) One 45 minute phone = $89.00
2) Three 45 minute PHONE sessions are $250.00
3) Six 45 minute PHONE sessions are $495.00



One-on-One Session – Spectrum Center, Highland Village, Houston Heights Area

$145.00 per 55-minute session. Call to schedule.
All options are payable online.

Individualized In Person or Skype Shadow Work™ Coaching.

1) Three 1.5 hour sessions to begin as minimum $389.00. Email communication included. Sessions scheduled within 24 hours of payment or as desired by participant.