about-image-sally-b roundAs a Shadow Work® facilitator and coach, teacher, author, creator of Grieving, Growth and Gratitude Circles and Dance Your Shadows Divine workshops, I understand that loving myself with all my imperfections and shadows is the pathway to living a full and authentic life.

My early work was as a educator specializing in group dynamics, teaching training, emotional intelligence of children, and how to accommodate to the diversity of learning styles with adults and children. During my training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition/Columbia College and as a licensed reflexologist and yoga instructor, the understanding of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and emotions was expanded.

Intimacy with other human beings, welcoming and maintaining wealth, creating physical and spiritual vibrancy are just a few of the lessons learned by embracing my own family of origin wounds and exploring the gifts of my unique ancestry.

Being a writer has allowed me to explore in deep and profound ways how our own personal healing transforms generations behind us and generations ahead of us. Experiencing early trauma and loss in my life taught me how to connect with Spirit and allowed me the privilege of seeking to make sense of my own grief with a hunger for my Divine purpose in life. I also learned, through my own addictions and wounds, to find the fulfillment of what I was searching for within myself. Embracing our addictive behaviors and doing our own sacred grief work, teaches us humility, the need for spiritual connection and what it means to live in honest intimacy with self and others. From our pain emerges our gifts to offer others.