Ancestral Weaving™ & Shadow Exploration

Ancestral Work™ & Shadow Exploration

     Experiencing early loss in my life left me a seeker. A seeker of spiritual meaning, a seeker to fill the emptiness and pain inside, a seeker of a fully expressed life. And, one does not have to experience loss to become a seeker. Some of us are deemed spiritual guides in the world, we have a desire to go deep, to grow, to learn and then to share what we have seen with our own souls and hearts. We bring our personal gifts of transformation to the collective.

     Ancestral Weaving™ & Shadow Exploration is a soul to soul practice that embraces what we most likely resist. In leaning into our resistance, we find the magical, spiritual connections with ourselves and our ancestors. They await our arrival.

     Like Alice, we go along for a bit, and then there might be a sudden turn that we did not expect. We fall below the surface, entering the portals that lead us to the Wonderland of Ancestral Weaving™ where we create our own unique tapestry, bowing to the mystery, and meeting the souls of our ancestors where we weave between the worlds creating new stories of love and belonging.

     Come and join me in this exploration of healing the generations as many

native cultures believed. When we do our healing work, we heal seven generations forward and seven generations back.

     Our greatest pain comes from our wounds in our lineage. Our greatest gifts come from our ancestral lineage as well.


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