Blessings From Mary December 4th ~ Trusting your intuition

December 4th

There is nothing more to do than come to us daily and follow the threads of intuition and action we provide.

                                                                                                                Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

My husband left yesterday to go overseas. I wanted to act out and overeat, but I did not. I miss the trees, the water, and the sky of the Northern land and have felt the depression, again, of leaving and returning to a hot city. Also, I am concerned about my books and their success or lack thereof. I also must say that I am sick and tired of my ego worrying about all these things. I bring this all to my meditation today.

“My child, this is your path. Spiritual seekers, those who make the greatest difference, ask for reassurance most often. This is not a sign of weakness, of fear or of shame. It is a sign of your deep and profound connection to Spirit and your wisdom in knowing you are sourced by souls and energies greater than yourself.

There is nothing more to do than what comes to you each day. Pay attention to the angels sent to assist you on your path. Follow the threads of action and the intuitions that you are being given. Pay attention to the vision you see and the spontaneous flashes of light.

We are with you. So many soul and spiritual supporters surround you. Let us bless you with clarity, assistance, and action to take. Deep inside, your path resonates in your soul. This is to be guarded. This is to be honored. This is to be defended and protected above all else. Pay attention to the ways that we speak to you in this place deep inside.

You are on the path of sacred living. Your Divine purpose has been made clear. Teach others to do the same. Teach them how to find their purpose and manifest their unique gifts to the masses.

The ease may come, but only after the challenges are met and barriers embraced. You have earned the ease. You have honored your call.”

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