Let Me Help You Write E-Course

Writing E-Course

Let Me Help You Write E-Course is for writers who want to, once and for all , write your stories, your wisdom & your experiences down. When you finally take pen to paper, or hands to keyboard, the muse arrives to inspire. (This is also a great course for anyone who wants to begin the spiritual practice of journaling.)

This 5 week Writing E-Course will allow you to:
*Honor your deeply held desire to write.
*Take time, take action, take space for your expression.
*Connect spiritually with yourself & your muse.
*Learn specific techniques for your practice of writing.
*Hear tips & secrets from the best writers.
*Begin that journaling practice just for you.
*Find a way for your creative expression.
*Start, once and for all & see what is next for you with your writing.

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Cost $198.

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