Secrets & Lies to Manifesting our 2018 Visions

Recently, I heard someone say, “First I create my visions. Then I focus on becoming worthy of them.” We were talking about visioning and the typical resolutions one makes with the beginning of a new year.

Worthy of my visions. This was an interesting idea to me, and although I believe that I am inherently worthy of my visions, I think that simply wishing for them is insufficient. We are all worthy of our visions, of our dreams and goals in life. However, these visions do not magically appear. We have the responsibility to co-create an environment that is worthy to receive them. We work for them. We are the ones to take the actions that manifest these visions and passions in the physical, material world.

A wise person once said, “I can’t think myself into right action, but I can act myself into right thinking.”

This belief takes no prisoners and offers no excuses. Whatever my visions or goals may be, it is up to me to align my actions to make them real. It is up to me to use my energy in a way that invites those dreams and wishes into my life. It is up to me to act in my own worthiness and work to manifest and co-create the life I dream of having.

The actions that I take, not how I feel or even what I believe or think are what manifest the visions, goals and dreams for my life. Now, I will admit, if I have beliefs that tell me I am not worthy, there might be interference in manifesting my desire, but a belief of unworthiness alone does not prevent our dreams from becoming a reality. How we use our energy, attention, and focus our efforts are the crème de la crème of manifestation. Pure and simple.

Here are guidelines to assist on your path of becoming the painter, artist, musician and writer of your own life, especially when difficulties arise.

Things that may happen along the way, and what to do about them. 

     If you are feeling stuck, like nothing is happening, and whatever you are doing is not making a difference in the direction of manifesting your visions and achieving your goals, pause. Ask yourself the following:

  1. Is it time to move in another direction? Have we learned all that there is to learn in this direction and is it time to change paths? Did we change our minds or create a new goal?
  2. Is self-sabotage in place? While what we do, not how we feel or what we think, matters most, sometimes unawarely we can sabotage what we want if we do not acknowledge the self-defeating thoughts that keep us from the action that is necessary. Be aware of your feelings & thoughts, but act on what you are committed to manifesting.
  3. Is it possible that we need help? If we are doing all that we know to do to create movement in the direction of our dreams, goals and visions and nothing is happening, it’s possible asking for assistance may make the difference.

Manifesting our dreams, visions and goals and co-creating what we want to have happen for ourselves personally and professionally takes effort, persistence, and right actions. Seeking a vibrant support system and/or mentor in this journey is a powerful action to take as we move in the direction of our dreams.

Some may believe that asking for assistance comes from weakness, but recognizing our limitations is courageous and wise. Humility is maturity. Asking for assistance is power.

Co-creating the life of our dreams requires a fierce commitment. We will hit brick walls. We may encounter shame and fear along the way. We will have break-downs on the journey.

Remember, a brick wall is an opportunity to pause and reflect. Embracing our shame and fear along the way offers us the gifts of humility and wisdom. Each and every break-down will result in a break-through when we continue to take the actions aligned with our dreams, recalibrate as required, and seek assistance when needed.




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