Shadow Work® and Ancestral Weaving®, a Path to Joy


A Bartolameolli Christmas

As a Houston-based certified Shadow Work® coach, I help individuals see that the painful patterns they hold onto are a way of staying connected to someone they have loved and lost.

Combining this process with Ancestral Weaving®, a process that I created, we explore our ancestral blessings and transform negative feelings and behaviors into healthier ones.

Finding new ways to connect
My colleague and I work together to assist women in finding ways to be connected that are new, empowering and joyful. By delving into our own ancestry, we help Shadow Work participants get in touch with their own painful patterns. Through this process they can leave behind what no longer serves them, as well as deeply connect to the goodness they wish to carry from their lineage.

Ancestral Weaving tools and Shadow Work, along with conscious movement evokes those issues that live in our tissues and transforms the trauma to bring restoration of spirit, mind, heart and body. Oftentimes it is when the wound is uncovered and in its subsequent healing, that unknown strength, awareness and insight are revealed.

The journey to joy
As I have connected with my own rich ancestry, both the pain and the joy, I find the connection and belonging that I’ve yearned for. The journey getting there requires the willingness to feel loss, loneliness, rage, grief and despair. To delay and defer this grief will also diminish the gifts.

I was given a strong sense of spiritual connection growing up, and while these practices have changed over the years, the seeds of the deep shamanic work for Ancestral Weaving® were planted first in my vibrant Italian-Catholic upbringing.

As we learn in Shadow Work®, Ancestral Weaving® and in any wisely and maturely facilitated grief work, even the shaming and fear-based wounded patriarchal religious systems will yield gifts. The brave, curious heart of a child can seek and discover bestowal of something good, deep within, as can all spiritual seekers on this divine journey of personal evolution.

To learn more, read an excerpt from my memoir, For All My Relations-Bartolameolli.

Find out about my Shadow Work® and Ancestral Weaving® workshops.

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