Your Sovereign Self

     “What do you want to be when you grow up?”This is a question many of us remember being asked and many of us have asked young people ourselves. It’s a good question. After all, we will all grow up and find our way of being self-reliant in the world or at least it is our hope and dream to do this, and the hope and dreams of those adults who help to foster us into adulthood.

But what happens if we lose access to the natural part of ourselves illuminating our desires, wants, and dreams?

What happens when we are conditioned to focus on others, spend our time and energy surviving early trauma, loss, and addictiveness rather than fostering and following our own bliss?

What happens when our visions for being of service in the world seem blocked or we resist knowing and embracing them fully?

Sometimes it is well-meaning family members, teachers, eldresses or elders who condition us to go a specific path for security and ease. Still, if we are honest, we feel a hunger inside. Our muse relentlessly whispers to us that there might be something else, that our dreams have import, and that our mission is unfulfilled.

As Shadow Work® facilitators and coaches, we empower people to access archetypal energies that we all carry inside our psyches In this activation, we utilize the gifts and tools from these four energies to live a more fully balanced, more fully expressed, and more fully engaged life. One of these archetypal energies is our Sovereign self, the part of us that knows, dreams, visions, speaks, and manifests these passions in the world.

Our Sovereign self benevolently engages strategizing, action taking, and creativity and then together all these energies foster the dream and mission we offer the world.

We each have a unique medicine to bring to the world, a unique perspective, a unique set of gifts and experiences that make us who we are along with what we have to offer others.

Shadow Work® & Ancestral Weaving™ is a structured set of teachings, with experiential practices and tools that restore us to our rightful relationship with our Sovereign Selves.

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